Free To Go – Felton Contacted By Other Clubs



The Phone Is Ringing For Raymond

It looks like Raymond Felton will start to packing his bags. The 2010 Free Agency Freakout has begun, and it doesn’t appear that Michael Jordan’s Bobcats are all that excited about the whole ordeal. reports that seven teams have contact Raymond Felton about lacing up his point guard shoes for a new contract. The story makes it clear that none of those seven teams are based in Charlotte.

When compared to Jeff McInnis and Sean May, Raymond Felton shines as the star of former Tarheels to play for Charlotte. If Felton leaves, the Cats will be scrambling to fill their obligatory Former-UNC player spot of the roster. Maybe, that’s what the Marcus Ginyard summer league tryout is all about.


  • New York
    (40%, 40 Votes)
  • Miami
    (22%, 22 Votes)
  • Charlotte
    (10%, 10 Votes)
  • Los Angeles
    (8%, 8 Votes)
  • Indiana
    (15%, 15 Votes)
  • Toronto
    (5%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 100

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37 thoughts on “Free To Go – Felton Contacted By Other Clubs

  1. RobC

    ASChin –

    Where do I sign for that deal to happen. Can we add Ajinca's expiring $1.5M somewhere in that equation? Just a thought!

  2. RobC

    in addition, the Bobcats can then send:

    Tyson Chandler's $12.6M expiring contract to Minnesota

    And the Bobcats will get: Al Jefferson

    Then sign Stephen Graham and Darius Miles to league minimum and split the MLE between Flip Murray and Craig Smith.

    But that would be a great team:






  3. RobC

    I forgot Ajinca, so Darius Miles might not be able to play for Larry Brown after all. I will take Craig Smith over Miles any day. The Team will be:






    And the Cats will still have over $8.5M off the books next season in Nazr and Ajinca.

  4. RobC-

    Yeah, I think we have a winner. It would all depend on Ainge agreeing to part with Big Baby and Rasheed's cap space (a BIG trade chip) in exchange for Barbossa. A team might have to throw something else back Danny's way in the form of a pick.

    The subsequent move for Jefferson would be great but he's more of a 4 than a 5. Also don't like the frontcourt combo of Ty Thomas and Big Al defensively.

    Hell, if you just made the one trade mentioned above, signed Felton, Stephen Graham and either Murray or Iverson, you'd have a hell of a team next year and win ten more games in the conference simply due to continuity.

    Felton/DJ/Murray or Iverson





    C'mon MJ! Get on the phone with your boy Ainge ASAP!

  5. Love the chutzpah Chuck but lest we forget, it's only been 2 summer league games. We should at least wait until the preseason to see how much these two have improved for real.

  6. Charlie

    How about we keep the roster we have now, Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson have performed phenomenal in summer league by showing great improvements on offense and defense. Possibly get rid of Nazr for TJ Ford since Pacers dont want to play him. Expiring contract swap. Then next summer the Bobcats have like 10 million in cap space to sign a good center such as Greg Oden if Blazers let him walk. Al Jefferson is same as Chandler, consistently injured. Diaw will be backup PG this year, and yes he is more than capable of running PG. Gerald will just guard opposing PG

  7. Charlie

    Iverson isnt a PG either.. Him and Jax on same team would not work.. they both need their shots and Gerald is most efficient scorer on team and he would see ball even less. We need a PG who penetrates and looks for dish and can D up. Luke Ridnour would be nice.. we need to sign Flip Murray again because he will be cheap. Shannon Brown could play backup PG. A great pickup would be Javaris Crittenton. 6’5 PG that does everything, he has one mess up in career, less than couple of players already on team

  8. Tyler

    dang im rlly getting my PG’s mixed up haha but is Flip good enough to be starter? im still hoping we trade for Monta Ellis

  9. I think Iverson and JAX could work together fine as long as AI accepts his new role as a bench scorer. Bobcats need all of the gunners that they can get.
    Did everybody forget about the team passing the ball around like a hot potato for most of last season?

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