Jazz Continue 4Q Madness Against the Bobcats


Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz are insane down the stretch.

The Jazz defeat the Bobcats at the home tonight 96-95 after being down 28-13 at the end of the first quarter.

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I honestly do not know how we lost this game. The Bobcats didn’t “give it away”; they looked good…real good. But the Jazz have beaten their last five opponents with their second half efforts; the Cats just couldn’t keep up with Williams and Company.

Since I cannot break down how we lost this game, I will merely deliver the observations…

  • Nazr was amazing. After completing owning Al Jefferson in the first quarter, he went on to collect 22 points and 20 rebounds.
  • Tyrus and Gerald Henderson didn’t play. In fact, they were not even present at the game.
  • The in-arena highlight of the night was “D.Brown’s Poetry Corner” played over the big screens. Video coming in a follow-up post.
  • Kyrylo Fesenko (Jazz #44) is the true man-child; clunky and goofy. The Ukrainian looks like a mix between  He-Man and one of those bad guys from Superman II. Check out this video of him dancing…
  • Captain Jack is back. He attempted a ridiculous 13 shots from beyond the arc, but finished with 24 points.
  • Eduardo Najera played his first stint as a Bobcat; Carroll continued to fill in for Henderson.
  • Even though DJ choked during a crucial drive at the end of the game, his 10 assists give me hope that he’s the right man for the job.

The Cats still have not won a game at home this season. Does this make you mad? Speak up Bobcats fans.

9 thoughts on “Jazz Continue 4Q Madness Against the Bobcats

  1. evan

    i think they will start winning at home, but there play overall isnt impressing me. there only two wins were against bad teams, and we almost lost them both. we need to start playin some real bobcats basketball

  2. Mike

    That first quarter was the best I’ve ever seen the Bobcats play. It was a tough loss, but there wasn’t much to complain about. Mohammed played huge against Jefferson and all of the starters were in double figures. Let’s hope Tyrus and Henderson make their way back quickly.

  3. Charlie

    Wins at home will come around. Just think we didnt get three wins on the road until middle of january last year, we already have 3. Nazr looked good , but we know he cant play that many minutes all the time because he has bad back. We need him in lineup every night until Kwame gets back

  4. RobC

    We were lacking more help at the Center position. I can guarantee you that if Tyrus Thomas was playing, the bobcats would’ve won by 10.

    That being said: is openly known that the Sacramento Kings are shopping Jason Thompson. It’s reported that they contacted the Hawks to trade Thompson for Jeff Teague. Thompson is a 6-11 young, athletic and tough guy who can score and rebound very well and has huge upside and potential.

    Do you think the Bobcats could or should try to get in the mix for a big man like Jason Thompson. I think Larry Brown can turn him into a very good player and teach him some defensive skills. Plus the Bobcats desperatly need a big guy, who can play Center (and PF) and can rebound and score down low. I really hope they can make some move to get a respectable and decent bigman.

  5. Charlie

    I wouldnt consider Jason Thompson a big man who can play center in the East. He is built like Tyrus Thomas but with better offense and worse defense, less athleticism. However if we can get him in a trade for a second round pick. Quite frankly we are not a team that has many assets to trade that we need. Our starting lineup is a must to keep plus Gerald Henderson, D Brown, and Tyrus. After that its just bad contracts that dont expire. Kwame is not bad contract but no one will take him because we got him at minimum.

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