Kwame Brown – What?


Jordan Bringing Kwame to The Cats just posted this story about Kwame Brown coming to the Charlotte Bobcats.

A reunion that no one in the NBA expected will be taking place in Charlotte this season when Kwame Brown suits up for the Michael Jordan-owned Bobcats.
Brown’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, told on Monday that the 27-year-old has agreed to sign a one-year deal with the Bobcats.
The deal, for the league’s veteran minimum, will bring Brown and Jordan back together after Jordan drafted the power forward straight out of high school in Washington with the No. 1 overall pick in 2001 in a move that worked out disastrously for both of them.

Man, what are the Bobcats thinking on this one?
Could they be securing another Center because Dampier, Diop, or Mohammed will be traded?

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23 thoughts on “Kwame Brown – What?

  1. This summer has been crazy – so many stars available…
    Lebron, DWade, Bosh, Boozer, Amare, CP3, and Melo weren’t on the Bobcats’ radar.

    They went and got Kwame Brown, Dominic McGuire, Sean Livingston, Sherron Collins, Matt Carroll, Eduardo Najera, and Erick Dampier.

    Let’s hope Stephen Jackson doesn’t see the parallel with the Warriors post-playoff debacle. Charlotte is starting to look like the super slow-motion version of the team that traded J-Rich for Brandan Wright. Cash-strapped, with not a lot of potential.

  2. jeremy

    Realize that the bobcats didn’t have as much cap space as the teams that went for the superstars. Dampier can be traded in a few days with other players so this signing is to have a center to replace him.

  3. KJ

    Right Jeremy, The Bobcats were never really in the conversation with the superstars because of the money situation. I think we’re doing a good job in trying to build a strong nucleus.

    We must remember that we CANNOT make a move with the DALLAS crew until September 11th so everyone please chill out. MJ and the exec team have been doing a great job with WHAT THEY HAVE TO WORK WITH (emphasis on that)

    And I like the Kwame move because he’s a YOUNG, Decently athletic BIG who can just give us some SOLID minutes…we have plenty of scoring already..all we needed was a BIG body to Bang down there so TT and Gerald can do what they do best…I like the move but I KNOW this isnt the end…lets be patient guys

  4. justin

    Every recent signing/move they’ve made this off season smells of something else coming. I still feel like they’re setting up for something else, so I agree that this is a good signing. Kwame will be decent off the bench, he won’t be starting.

  5. RobC

    Agree, that at a 1Yr./Min salary deal, this is a great move. I believe he can be a bigger, younger and more defensive minded Nazr Mohammed. Which brings me to my second thought. This means that there might be another deal on the table where Nazr might be involved and MJ wanted to have some insurance (Brown & Diop). As long as there is something else on the table, this might be on of the best moves of the summer for the bobcats.

    Mike 15 –

    None of those guys were on the Bobcats radar, because it was IMPOSIBLE to get any of them. The Bobcats had no cash, no market appeal, and no real trading chips other than Gerald Wallace and DJ Augustine, that is not enough to get any of those guys, and trading Wallace would be stupid unless you get something really good (at least) in return.

  6. Leroy

    i like this move.

    comparing the two disasters, morrison and kwame, i like kwame much more than morrison.

    at least brown can get some boards and do some defense, right before he left he lakers, he was actually playing okay coming off the bench.

    and think about it this way, phil jackson was trying to teach a high schooler triangle defense which i think brown is lacking that IQ to understand but you never know what LB – a defensive minded coach can do to a guy like this.

    this is a much better bet that Jordan did back in 2001. this time, if he successfully make him better, jordan can prove people wrong. if not, jordan can just let him walk. win-win scenario.

  7. Brynjolfur

    This is an interesting signing. If it works out and Kwame gives us 15 to 20 minutes of quality basketball this is a good deal. It this doesn’t work out it doesn’t matter all that much other than the jokes that MJ will have to endure.

  8. Ridiculous.

    Did anybody see this coming? Seriously?

    Not a terrible signing. He'll be good filling in at center for 20 minutes a game. I just can't believe that Jordan brought him on after the debacle in WAS. Mike15 is right, bring on Adam Morrison, Walter Herrmann and Allen Iverson.

    The 2010-2011 Charlotte Bobcats might not be good but they'll be interesting.

  9. Tyler

    i honestly think we should waive Dampier then trade Boris and DJ for JR Smith and Chris Anderson and then sign Allen Iverson. or trade Dampier for Billups and then the DJ and Boris trade

  10. Man, I hope the Cats can get in on the 'Melo meltdown in Denver. It's not that I'm huge on Charlotte getting Carmelo for a year, but about taking another team's quality talent in a three-way trade or something.

    I like the idea that ESPN's John Hollinger tweeted out there… Houston / Denver / Charlotte : Houston gets 'Melo, Denver gets Dampier's waive-able $13 million contract, and Charlotte gets Aaron Brooks (a 19 ppg / 5 apg point guard).

    That deal would probably still leave DJ & Diaw on the trading block, too.

    Houston would actually come out as a mega-power if this happened. They could have Kevin Martin, Courtney Lee, Luis Scola, Brad Miller, Chase Budinger, Yao Ming, Shane Battier, and Carmelo Anthony punishing defenses all year long.

  11. Justin

    I'm with you Mike…I like that idea too. I'm pretty sure we aren't, and can't get in the running for Melo, but I have to believe MJ is in the mix somehow. Like I said before, seems like we were trying to do everything we could to get into the Collison 4 way…why not try to unload Damp with the Melo drama as you put it. I'd love to see Brooks here…that would be a solid starting 5 as well. Brooks, Jax, Crash, TT and Brown/Nazr

  12. Justin

    just saw this on yahoo sports…

    The Nuggets made it clear to teams they want young players and draft picks for Anthony, league executives said. The New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as the two most probable destinations for Anthony because they have assets that appeal to Denver. The geography works for Anthony because of his wife LaLa Vazquez’s entertainment career.

    Golden State and Houston are contenders, too. What’s more, the Charlotte Bobcats are a sleeper because of Anthony’s Brand Jordan shoe deal and the team’s ability to give the Nuggets a salary-dump proposal

  13. RobC

    I would love to get Billups and maybe Nene in a deal with the Nuggets. It would have to be a multiple team deal, but the Bobcats can get add: Dampier, Diaw, Najera, DJ & Nazr in any deal. Billups would love to play for LB again and LB would love to have him back.


    The Bobcats, will be a contender for the next 2 years, and then they can resign Nene or Chris Kaman at a lower price (Both will be 29 at the end of their contract), and try get Deron Williams. I will prefer Kaman if we can get Deron Williams.


    That team can flirt with a Championship, and the following year: Carroll, Diop, Jackson & Wallace ($32M+) come off the books, Wallace can still be a starter or come off the bench(31 years, at a shorter contract, 1-2 years) and Jackson (also at a 1-2 year deal) can be a veteran wing off the bench, both at a lower price. That would give the Bobcats a solid bench and they can still go for any Star player avaliable and have a Championship caliber team. Brandon Roy could be avaliable (Player Option) that summer. Imagine that line-up:

    Deron Williams (29 Years)

    Brandon Roy (29 Years)

    Gerald Wallace (31 Years)

    Tyrus Thomas (26 Years)

    Chris Kaman (29 Years)

    That's a pretty solid Championship caliber team for at least 3 years.

  14. Brett

    While i would love to see Billups I feel like if we are involved in a similar trade we would end up getting Lawson or even Lowry(but i hope not). I would almost be in favor of getting Lawson just from a age standpoint Billups is getting pretty old. Although next year he would be an expiring. Not saying i don't love what Billups brings to the table even for one year but if it comes down to it do we want a one or two year fling or some young potential to develop over a few more years?

  15. RobC –

    I would love to see the trade for Billups and Nene because if the Nuggets are sold on trading 'Melo, they'll want to start over, not build around an aging Billups. However, Kaman will be much more expensive then Nene (he's a much better scorer and rebounder). Also, there's no way D-Will, Roy, and Kaman could all come over and stay under the cap — D-Will and Roy are both max players and Kaman will be near-max.

    Brett –

    I would also prefer a younger Lawson, but Denver wants to build around him for the future. The Bobcats are in a win-now (or contend-now) situation with a veteran-stocked roster with big contracts. Landing Billups makes Charlotte instantly better then Atlanta and perhaps better then Chicago or Orlando.

  16. RobC

    Ben –

    You are right about Kaman, however, I also mentioned the option of simply resigning Nene, who is a pretty decent Center and still relatively young.

    I also, understand that roster will be over the Luxury Tax, however, that will be a Championship Caliber Team and we all know MJ said that is the only way he would exceed the Luxury Tax. I think there is not 1 single team in the NBA that won a Championship, that was not over the Cap.

    Also, I truly believe, that MJ has all the ability to get those guys to play here and bring in some additional marketing opportunities with them. Perhaps, signing them to the Jordan Brand as well as letting them try on some Hanes…LOL!!! Of course, this will have to wait 2-3 more years when the Bobcats will have over $32M in Cap Space. Which is enough for 2 Max Contracts, plus the MLE and other options. Plus MJ needs to hire a proven Coach (since LB seems over after this season), maybe Mike Brown (Former Cavs Coach) could be a great option.

  17. wfox75

    Going from coach Brown to coach Brown might not be such a bad idea, Mike Brown is a great coach and should not have been fired by Cleveland.

  18. RobC

    Amazing how Boris Diaw has yet to score in double digits as part of Team France. 2,6 & 8 pts in each of the three games, that's 5ppg in over 25mpg. And that is our starting PF!!!

  19. DJ

    RobC, why don't we just trade Melo for Dampier, Diop, and Henderson and next year sign Tony Parker to the veteran minimum. That would likely make us a championship contender for the next half decade. All jokes aside, the optimism among fans is finally being justified with–at least–some rumors from credible sources. Can't argue against the fact that if the Brooks-Melo-Dampier deal were to somehow happen, all the events of this offseason (the Calderon deal falling apart, absence in the Collison deal, trading away our starting center, etc.) would finally be justified with a solid starting 5.

  20. Tyler

    Parker is married to Eva Longoria its the same as Melo his wife is pulling him to N.Y. or L.A. i dont know if that would be what it is for sure though

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