Michael Jordan Speaks For First Time As Bobcats Owner


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The Michael Jordan media blitz has begun.  The first interview was posted this morning on bobcats.com, along with a “behind the scenes” gallery of pics.  Then this afternoon, Jordan held his first press conference.

Similar to the Bobcats performance last night against the Thunder, Jordan had a bit of a rough start with some awkward and often redundant opening comments (is it really a dream come true?).  But by the time he took questions from the assembled media, Jordan found his footing.

He affirmed that he will be more involved as controlling owner than he ever was as a minority owner, commenting to the effect of “I can’t afford not to be.”

Jordan even warned us about the inevitable nepotism that occurs when the patriarch owns a business, saying that he hoped we’d get to know his children and that they’d eventually take a role within the organization.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Bobcats advance scout Jeffrey Jordan!

In all seriousness, I liked what Jordan had to say.  These initial sentiments, along with the Bobcats having won 7 of their last 8 in the midst of securing their first playoff berth, have the Michael Jordan era off to a good start for the Bobcats.


Stephen Jackson is apparently in studio with Kenny, Charles and EJ for Magic/Heat and Nuggets/Hornets on TNT NBA Thursday tonight.  Jack’s going mainstream!

And Jordan also filmed a one-on-one interview today with Stephanie Ready that will air on tomorrow night’s telecast of the Bobcats @ Hawks matchup.

UPDATE: Check that, Jack will apparently be on Inside the NBA, the postgame show on TNT late tonight after the Nuggets/Hornets matchup.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Speaks For First Time As Bobcats Owner

  1. From James Ryan's Sporting News article:

    "When the Bobcats make the playoffs this year and they need a 6-6 veteran off the bench, how soon can you be game ready?" a Charlotte television reporter asked Michael Jordan.

    "My playing days are over," Jordan responded, during his first press conference as the franchise's majority owner Thursday.

    That won't stop Jordan from interacting with his players, which he has done as a Bobcats minority owner with control over basketball operations since 2006.

    "If I go down there and start shooting with Gerald Wallace, start messing around with Stephen Jackson, I want you guys to understand I'm not trying to live out aspirations to come back," he said. "I want them to say, 'I enjoy hanging around with M.J.' They can call me M.J. They don't have to call me boss. But I want them to ask me for advice. I want to be able to contribute some type of knowledge to our young players."

    Read the rest of Ryan's article at:

  2. I'm with you. MJ impressed in the initial conference. I'm very interested in how he handles the cap situation this summer. Hopefully Chandler or Mohammed can be moved for player with a longer contract but lower cap number.

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