Quick Thoughts On Game 1

Doug Benc/Getty Images/ESPN.com

Doug Benc/Getty Images/ESPN.com

The Charlotte Bobcats fell 98-89 to the Orlando Magic in their playoff debut Sunday night.  We’ll have a more in-depth recap up later, but I wanted to post some quick thoughts and have a place for you guys to make some comments as well.

  • Here’s the AP recap and box score.
  • That first half couldn’t have gone worse.  The Bobcats were attacking the paint, but in a half-hearted manner that allowed Howard to rack up 8 blocks.  Meanwhile, Jameer Nelson was frying Raymond Felton (see above picture) and the Magic were draining three after three (9-18 3PT in 1st half).
  • However, the Cats showed some resolve in battling back in the second half.  Gerald Wallace beasted it (25 and 17), Stephen Jackson gutted it out on a hyperextended knee, and the Cats were able to cut the lead to as low as 4 late in the game.
  • The Cats got nothing beyond Gerald, Jack and Felton.  Diaw or someone from the bench is going to have to step up in order for us to take a game or two.  Chandler did have a nice stretch in the third quarter to key a Bobcats run, but it wasn’t nearly enough.
  • We’ve noted how rusty Nazr has looked in the couple of games he’s played since returning from back problems.  But rusty just ain’t cutting it anymore.  As fellow Baseline contributor Deesdale noted in a text message during the first half: “I think Nazr gave up on life.”
  • Game 2 on Wednesday.  Thank goodness for the 2 day break in between Games 1 and 2 — Jack’s knee is sure to swell and tighten up, but hopefully he’ll be ready to go again by Wednesday.  Let’s hope it’s not too bad.  Make sure you’re following us on Twitter in the meantime.
  • UPDATE: At halftime of the Spurs/Mavs game, the TNT guys indicated that Jack will have an MRI on the knee (no brainer) and showed a quick post-game interview of Jack in which Jack dismissed any concerns, saying he’d be ready to go if Game 2 were tomorrow.

-Dr. E

4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts On Game 1

  1. Let’s face the facts …

    The Magic are crazy deep, offensively. The Bobcats had a plan for Howard, Lewis, and Carter. The rest of the Magic were the killers. Jameer Nelson kicked it into Playoff gear and Raymond had a hard time following.

    The Magic have a starting line-up of All-Stars and a solid bench. Who knew Reddick would play significant minutes and hit big shots? Pietrus was solid, as well.

    Gerald Wallace was insane and maybe the refs will start to recognize that he should get a few of the whistles in these games.

    Considering how out-of-sync that Nazr looks, could we see ‘Gana Diop in this series?

    Go Cats!

  2. reggie

    aside from Nelson’s superhuman, Reggie Miller-esque performance, we had this game (post halftime of corse). i really think that we will win this series in 6 or 7. we will come out at game 2 with a huge chip on our shoulder and punch the Magic in the mouth.
    we really should have won. when we were down 4 with 50 seconds left, Larry “Holy Shit I Suck” Hughes made a very stupid foul on Nelson–who would hit 2 free-throws and pretty much ice the game.
    had Hughes NOT of fouled Nelson, we play off our momentum, get a stop, score, force Orlando to use their last (?) timeout, and play a 2 or 1 point game with 30ish seconds left.

    but the past is the past, and i can only look forward to seeing us improve throughout the playoffs.
    not to mention that GW had a M O N S T E R game. worthy of MVP votes? possibly.

  3. spectre

    “we really should have won. when we were down 4 with 50 seconds left, Larry “Holy Shit I Suck” Hughes made a very stupid foul on Nelson”


    From the reports the 2nd half (and LB’s strategy of taking VC & DH out of the game working) gave our guys some confidence…which in turn has made me feel about the best I ever have after a loss.

    Hope I’m not setting myself up, but I’m expecting us to come out with a purpose on Wednesday.

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