Raymond Felton Moving to New York; has Trouble Selling Condo



ESPN is reporting that Raymond Felton is signing with the New York Knicks in a deal that will be finalized over the weekend…

The New York Knicks’ consolation prize after missing out on LeBron James will be point guard Raymond Felton…Felton joins Amare Stoudemire as the Knicks’ two big free-agent signings of the summer, even though they failed to achieve their primary goal of getting James.

Raymond’s first priority is surely to find a solid Realtor to assist in the sale of his luxury condominium. With residential sales in a slump, he is courting several real estate firms before deciding who is the best fit. Would Remax move his urban condo quicker than a experienced, local agency such as Allen Tate? He has big questions to address.

Which ever Real Estate agent Raymond decides to go with, what does this mean for the Bobcats? Is DJ going to be our starter? If Raymond is the #1 point guard on the free agent market, who is #2?

11 thoughts on “Raymond Felton Moving to New York; has Trouble Selling Condo

  1. Godspeed, Raymond. In a few years, when you're ready to be a backup for less money, we'll welcome you back to the Carolinas with open arms.

    I'm still not ruling out a big trade involving Chandler (or possibly Diaw) for a PG – but more and more it's looking like DJ is the man this year.

    Also, I'd like to note that our poll was right. As I write this comment, 39% of our poll responders correctly picked the Knicks as the team Felton would sign with. So, yay for the collective knowledge of the Baseline!

  2. Charlie

    Monta Ellis would be horrible fit for Charlotte. The Hornets will get rid of CP3 before Collison because when it comes for CP3 to sign an extension he wont. I really dont know who Bobcats could trade for to fill backup PG role. I think perfect opportunity would trade Chandler and Diop for Gilbert Arenas. Wizards want him gone and he is one of top 10 players in league when healthy. Why not have him on team

  3. Raymond certainly hit the peak of his Bobcats career last season. He did what he could to quiet the Raymond-Haters, but that Playoff series was tough to watch. I'll keep rooting for Raymond, even in NYC.

    If Ray's biggest flaw was his poor defense against Orlando, well he's going to the right team. D'Antoni's Knicks don't even play D. They just want to outrun you and outscore you.

  4. Tyler

    the wizards have said they dont want to get rid of Gilbert Arenas yet and it rlly dnt matter if u dnt like Ellis because there aint a whole ot of better guys rite now haha but the Hornets president said there not gona get rid of Chris Paul even tho i bet Chris would love to come here i dnt think theyll let him go

  5. Charlie

    okay.. Luke Ridnour is a better PG in Larry Brown system than Monta Ellis, yeah i said it. Ellis has no D and doesnt facilitate. He shoots the ball more each time he touches ball on average than anybody in league, that means not a PG.

  6. Tyler

    i still say Monta wouldnt be tht bad but i would still like a trade with Tyson for Mo Williams and Boris for Al Jefferies

  7. Charlie

    They are trying to get rid of bigman in Minny now, why would they take back a big man? I got an idea, trade for Mike Conley or Jarrett Jack or Jose Calderon. Conley deserves more love than he gets, he puts up across board numbers

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