Tyrus Thomas Signs 5 Year/$40 Million Contract, Declares Self “A Unique Character”


While the three-team Diaw/Chandler/Calderon/Turkoglu/Barbosa trade stays mired in “unofficial” status this evening, the Bobcats new starting power forward has become very official.

Tyrus Thomas put on his best candy-striped polo shirt to sign his 5 year/$40 million dollar contract and answer a few questions from the media today.  Despite the fact that the affair was decidedly more understated than Lebron’s “Decision”, there was still no shortage of third-person references, as Thomas declared that “Tyrus is a unique character, and [Larry Brown] has no problem with it.”

And just as Lebron and company were given to incomplete, borderline disingenuous responses to questions regarding the machinations behind their free agency decision-making process, Tyrus neglects to mention that he was probably promised the starting power forward job when explaining why he was quick to re-up with the Cats.  He instead cites “the progress [the team] made” and “the guys on the team, the organization and playing for Coach Brown.”

All snarkiness aside, this is undoubtedly a solid signing for the Cats.  Even ESPN’s harbinger of sabermetric doom John Hollinger agrees (ESPN Insider only):

This isn’t exactly a steal, but the more I walk through it the more I get comfortable with the idea. Thomas is only 23 and he did play pretty well in Charlotte last season after a midseason trade from Chicago…

…Locking down a starting frontcourt spot at an average of $8 million a year, even for a non-star, isn’t bad business for a small-market club.

Like Tyrus, I’m glad this is settled and ready to “you know, get to going.”

-Dr. E

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