The Bobcats and the Playoffs


Today I received an email from the Bobcats.  You see, even though I’m a season ticket holder who’s already re-upped for next season, I haven’t committed to playoff tickets this year — today is the deadline.  It’s easy enough: since I have re-upped for next season, I have the option to “Pay as We Play”, meaning that I’d only be charged after each round (ha! more than one round?) the Cats played in the playoffs.  It would just take a quick phone call to opt in on that plan — why not, right?  But I’ll pass.

I’m hardly risking anything.  But it’s also my quiet (and yes, petty and pointless) protest against the very idea of the Bobcats being in the playoffs this year.  It’s the principle of the matter.

First, the facts.  As of Monday night the Bobcats are tied with the Bucks in ninth place, a full two games behind the 8th place Indiana Pacers, with 13 games left.  Though the Cats have head-to-head matchups remaining with both the Pacers and Bucks, they’ve already blown the season series/tiebreakers with both of those teams.  Other remaining games include Boston and Miami on the road, the Knicks at home, and two matchups with the Magic.

As I post this, ESPN’s John Hollinger’s playoff odds system gives the Bobcats a 16% chance of finishing the season in the 8th spot. isn’t even as kind, putting the Cats chances at a meager 9.2%.

Furthermore, the notion that the Bobcats should even be gunning for the 8th playoff spot is ridiculous.  Another sweep, this time by Boston or Chicago? No thanks.

Making the playoffs would also lock the Bobcats into the #15 pick in this year’s draft, while missing out will probably put us at the 9th spot with its small associated chance of moving up to one of the top three picks.  While there doesn’t appear to be any savior in this year’s draft pool, the difference between picking at #9 and #15 is nonetheless important.

So don’t fret about Stephen Jackson’s hamstring and don’t pay much mind to anyone saying how “big” Wednesday’s matchup with the Pacers is.  The Bobcats have no business making the playoffs this year, and won’t.  They probably wouldn’t even if Jack was totally healthy.  With him hurting, it makes more sense to me to shut him down for the season and embark on a full-on tankfest — the 8th pick isn’t out of reach.

-Dr. E

13 thoughts on “The Bobcats and the Playoffs

  1. I don’t see what the advantage of going to the playoffs is. Pride? Might as well go to the lottery and hope to hit the jackpot. If not, maybe a Terrence Jones, Enes Kanter, or Derrick Williams will fall into our laps. I’d hate to be picking at 15 and end up with John Henson (no more Heels, please!). Well, I wouldn’t argue with taking Barnes.

  2. I really don’t want to see us trading away our 2 first-rounders this year (one from NO right?), I don’t want to see an instant impact from any stars since that is not gonna make us the champion yet for sure. trading diaw/ jax/ DJ in the off-season may help. with these forwards in the draft pool this year, we can get a solid prospect starter for the future and may get a steal at guards like kemba walker or brandon knight. I can see a much better squad next year already with more experienced Gerald Henderson, DJ White, Dante Cunningham and also Tyrus Thomas.

  3. Dr. E

    Just FYI — the 16% chance that Hollinger’s playoff odds system was giving us was from yesterday.

    Hollinger-bot reran the numbers after last night’s results and it’s down to 11.8% for the Bobcats.

    Look for extensive lottery analysis (which will be total overkill given the purported mediocrity of this draft class) from the Baseline in the coming months.

  4. focuslja

    I say we still TRY to make the playoffs. Its not like ANYBODY in the draft (unless they’re foreign) are ready to make an impact or even start. If we do decide to tank for a pick, i think we should try to trade that pick for somebody already established that can come in and make an instant impact (I dont mean Lebron, Wade or Kobe) There are good players out there waiting in the wings for a chance to shine though

    • Dr. E

      So many problems here:

      –What, pray tell, would be the point of making the playoffs?

      –There are a few intriguing foreign players that are supposedly lottery picks, but if anything, they are even less prepared than an American college player to come in and contribute right away.

      –Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams will be starters from day 1 in the NBA.

      — What “instant impact” “established” NBA player is on the trading block for a #9 or #10 pick in the 2011 draft?

    • Dr. E

      We have our own 1st rounder(which will probably be #9 or #10) AND New Orleans’ 1st rounder (via Portland from the Gerald Wallace trade) which will probably be around #20.

      We also have our own 2nd rounder, I believe. Please correct me if I’m wrong, anybody.

      • No, you’re right but given the fact that they’ll have ten players under contract combined with re-upping Cunningham and possibly Kwame, I could see the team either dealing the 2nd rounder or taking a flyer on a EURO prospect to stash for a year or two.

  5. focusljA

    I didn’t mean to just trade the pick. But maybe a player and a pick for a 2-4yr guy. With so many players coming off the books, and a issues at every position, it shouldn’t be that hard to get a instant impact player. (Preferably a scorer) Gerald isn’t ready to start. Diaw/Thomas may not be a good fit for the future. (Plus Tyrus contract is a huge bump in our road to rebuilding)

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