53 Down, 29 to Go


The post all-star break schedule represents the stretch run of the NBA season. When games resume, the trade deadline will have passed and rosters will be set, other than veteran buyouts looking to boost a contender in the playoffs. This provides a good opportunity to try to determine what the Hornets can expect to accomplish this season.

To determine where the team is going, we have to establish where they are (and by extension, where they’ve come from). Currently, the Hornets are in 8th place in the east, 1 game over .500 at 27-26. While Cleveland and Toronto are running away with the top 2 spots in the east, the Celtics are in 3rd place but are only 3 games ahead of the Hornets in the loss column. The playoff race cuts off with Orlando, only 3 games behind Charlotte in the loss column. With such a tight race, what lies ahead will play a major part in how things shake out.

If that wasn’t a boring enough lead-in, analyzing the upcoming schedule will put you to sleep. So I’m going bullet point on this. 10 important facts about the remaining 29 games on the schedule.

  1. 29 games in 54 days
  2. 13 home, 16 away
  3. 7 back-to-backs (1 home/home, 3 away/away, 3 home/away)
  4. At Milwaukee (2), Cleveland (2), Indiana, Detroit and Toronto; 22 on east coast
  5. 7 game home stand from 3/4-3/16 (10 of 12 home from 3/1-3/21)
  6. 8 games against bottom 5 teams (3 Brooklyn, 3 Philadelphia, 1 Minnesota, 1 Phoenix)
  7. 22 games against the east, 7 against the west (PHX, MIN, NOP, HOU, DAL, DEN, SAS)
  8. 10 games against teams within 3 losses, above or below, the Hornets1
  9. 4 games against top 4 teams (@ Cleveland twice, vs San Antonio, @ Toronto)
  10. No game on April 7th (that’s my birthday)

1. How the schedule stacks up with playoff contenders:

Team Home Away
Indiana 1 1
Atlanta 0 1
Detroit 1 1
Orlando 2 0
Miami 0 1
Washington 0 1
Boston 0 1
Total 4 6


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