No Offense, Who Will Get Traded?



It seems to be understood that the Bobcats’ scoring troubles are going to be a major concern for the team’s progress next season. even featured an article titled “Bobcats Search For Go-To Scorer.”

Recently, it appeared that some sort of progress was just on the horizon, but now it’s not certain that “The Answer” will be the answer for these problems.  It looks as though Memphis is willing to provide Allen Iverson with an offer that the Cats can’t match, so the idea of a scorer coming to Charlotte seems less likely through free agency.  The Bobcats haven’t done a lot to improve their on court situation this off-season.  Some were concerned about the “locker room cancer” of Allen Iverson.  Still, rumors have been reported that fans usually pay to see what happens on the floor, not back stage.

Despite the arguments for or against Iverson, the club needs something or someone to push the team forward.  This week, ESPN had their basketball contributors collaborate to predict the Eastern Conference rankings.  Unfortunately, the Bobcats didn’t look too high on the list ( #11).  As they put it, the Bobcats are “stuck in purgatory.”  Actually, I would say that the fans are stuck in purgatory. . .  getting paid millions to play basketball sounds a lot more like heaven to me.  Getting back to the point. . .   If the offense proves to be an issue with the club, will Larry Brown push for more moves to remix the roster mash-up he’s already created?

If a trade were to be made to strengthen the offense, the Cats would have to look at their most valuable trade assets.


His all-around basketball skills and raw talent have got him this far, and a season under Larry Brown has made him looked as polished as ever.


There aren’t too many power forwards with Diaw’s skills.  Thanks to  last season’s unspectacular point guard play, he was able to showcase his court-vision and ball handling skills .  His value has probably benefitted the most by getting a chance to start for Charlotte last season.


Starting Point Guards are in demand in the NBA.  Several teams still lack a solid starter, and Felton would be much more needed among several other rosters.  His lack of improvement over the past few years subjects him to the same argument made about Okafor’s lack of progress – solid stats, but no real up-side.


Defensive specialist with an expiring contract – sounds like the kind of thing every contender is looking for.  What do you do when you don’t have Kobe, D Wade, or Vince Carter?  You get someone that can keep those guys below 30 pts a game.


Based upon his potential as a point guard and his solid play as a rookie last season, there could be plenty of suitors for Augustin.  His rookie-scale contract is just the right price for any team looking for a rotation player.

Giving away any of these players would be tough, but it looks like there are several quality players on the trade market – Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudamire, Stephen Jackson, & Monta Ellis.  The major question is if the Bobcats have the capacity to make a trade in which they actually come out as a winner.

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