Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow



I owe a lot to my friends here at Bobcats Baseline.

They took a chance on me and my writing skills way back in November when I had basically no real experience under my belt. Sure I had written some things here and there on other websites, but it was nothing serious. They gave me my first opportunity to write on a legitimate, respected Bobcats blog basically on a whim.

Without hyperbole, I am eternally grateful to these guys here. And it’s more than just giving me the chance to write and be read. This opportunity has led me to not only to discover that I enjoy writing, but also to the realization that I would like to write for a career.

It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving the Baseline. Starting today, I will be taking the reins from David Arnott at the Rufus on Fire, the Bobcats SB Nation blog.

Once again, thank you to ASChin, Deesdale, Dr. E, Mike and all of you, the readers.

Best wishes,

Cardboard Gerald