Yo Deadspin! Over here!


So I was looking back through Deadspin from this week and saw this post on the Larry Brown hire, wherein Will takes note of the anemic Bobcats blogging community.  Will, we feel ya.  If there were better Bobcats blogs, maybe we wouldn’t have had to go and start our own.  

And we’ve been plenty busy the past couple of weeks, with a two part breakdown of the current roster, part one of a series on this year’s draft, and a report from the Larry Brown press conference among various and sundry other posts.

And while Deadspin’s on the mind, some comments on Will’s adventure vs. Buzz Bissinger on Costas Now.  Will, thanks for taking the hit for the ‘blogosphere’.  I think your take is right on, especially the part about the origins of Bissinger’s particular brand of rage.  This situation can occur in any field, any area of life, really — when a new way of doing things emerges, the purveyors of the old way will fight to the death to defend their turf.  Sadly, the fight goes on even when there’s clearly plenty of turf to go around.

And in the end, it’s to be expected.  The emotions involved are all pretty basic and quite understandable.  But Will, if you continue to publicly take it on the chin for blogs everywhere, then I’ll start to worry.  Masochism isn’t quite so basic or understandable, and it’s certainly not healthy.