Friday Night Heat


Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats

To reiterate the good attitude mentioned in the “Get AI” post, things are certainly looking up with the Bobcats. Tonight, the Cats host the Heat for another sellout at the arena and Charlotte is finally showing some real interest in the club. The Bobcats are playing at a level worthy of the support and the fans are getting a chance to see the best team that the organization has assembled thus far.

With a spot in the Playoffs still a possibility, the Bobcats are playing strong and have a good chance to score a win at home even against a solid Miami team. Let’s hope Dick Bavetta is not calling tonight’s match, because D-Wade + Dick Bavetta = unbridled Miami superstar lust.

As a bonus to tonight’s game – The Cats are “Goin’ Green”. . . It’s NBA Green Week and the League has made the bold move of playing all of it’s games without electrical lights, sound systems, or illuminated shot clocks. From what I understand, automobile drivers will not be allowed into the arenas unless they show a receipt for biodiesel at the gate.

Okay, so the NBA Green Week is a bit of a stretch. Rather than concerning themselves with reducing their arena’s impact on the environment, home teams will be sporting a green jersey (probably not made of biodegradable materials – Patrick Ewing would’ve sweated right through that stuff). Here’s a quick look at what the Bobcats’ jerseys will look like tonight.

Bobcats Green Jersey

Note : Not All NBA teams are required to tattoo their players with the shoulder tiger.  But at least 6 members of each club should have a shoulder tattoo of their choosing this week.