Undeterred, Bobcats add Honsou


Honsou a Bobcat

Charlotte Bobcats Coach Larry Brown just can’t get enough of these athletic, young, exotically ethnic “bigs.” The first year coach announced today the team’s impending acquisition of “Blood Diamond” and “Calvin Klein Underwear” actor/model Djimon Hounsou. “Y’know (we) have Emeka Okafor as our starting center and he’s a very physical player. Then we bring DeSagna Diop off of the bench to provide some more energy, some more length. Now with Djimon Hounsou, I think we have the hottest young frontline in basketball.”

Said ‘Cats veteran Nazr (pronounced: NAH-zee) Mohammed who played for Brown in Philly earlier in his career, “This is just something that Coach Brown likes to see in his big men. He likes bigs that can move, that can get down and dirty.”

“We’re becoming more of a pro team,” Brown said earlier this season after Charlotte traded with Phoenix for France’s Boris Diaw and the Virgin Island’s Raja Bell.

There’s no doubt that the team will benefit from the addition of “Amistad” star Hounsou but there is one player in particular Brown has his eye on. “Sexy Lexy,” Brown commented, referring to rookie first rounder Alexis Ajinca from France. “He’s raw but he’s big and very smooth. Very skilled. I think Hounsou can teach Lex how to channel some of that fire that we all witnessed so dramatically at the end of ‘Blood Diamond.’ Djimon will be a great presence in our locker room.”

Brown's favorite locker room presence