Bobcats Schedule Released : Season Prediction


The Bobcats 2010-2011 Game Schedule Is Out!

The Charlotte Bobcats have released their calendar for the upcoming NBA season, and now we have just short of 3 months to mull it over. Whenever the league rolls out the run-down of games, fans can use their team’s schedule as a rough sketch for expectations.

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Last year, I browsed over Charlotte’s schedule and considered the state of the team versus each competitor to make a loose prediction that they’d win about 36 games or so. I’m happy that my pessimism was overcome by Rod Higgins’ efforts to snag Captain Jack from the Warriors and Larry Brown’s friendly deal with the Spurs for Theo Ratliff.  The Bobcats far exceeded my expectations last season.

After taking an estimated guess with some “analysis” of next season’s schedule, I’m betting that the Bobcats are on the path for another 40-45 win season. This should keep them around the 7th or 8th spot of in the Eastern Conference. So, it looks like more Playoff basketball in Charlotte next April.

How could the Bobcats improve their record from last season?

Michael Jordan and the management crew have an appetite for mid-season upgrades. Will they be able to clear some cap space, to take advantage of another club’s troubles next year? This type of move could bring a Point Guard, if DJ Augustin look to be in too far over his head at the start of the season.

Can fans still hold out hope that the Cats have a masterpiece of deal lined up involving Erick(a) Dampier? Or, can we expect Dampier to stick with the team after they waive him?


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