Bobcats Baseline 2008 Draft Preview Part Five: The Second Rounder


2nd round

Welcome to Part Five of a five-part look at the 2008 NBA Draft from the perspective of the Charlotte Bobcats. Part One was a basic look at the Bobcats’ needs this offseason. Part Two took a detailed look at the draft lottery process which determines where the team will pick. Part Three examined the Bobcats’ options if they had lucked out in the lottery and moved up into one of the top three picks, while Part Four was a look at the team’s potential choices with the eighth or ninth pick. In Part Five, we will consider the Bobcats’ options with their second round pick, #38 overall.

With Charlotte having multiple needs this offseason, the second round pick is quite important. Good, even great players can still be had: remember that Gilbert Arenas, Manu Ginobili, Carlos Boozer, Rashard Lewis and Michael Redd were all second round picks. Just in the past couple of years, we’ve seen Paul Millsap, Daniel Gibson, Leon Powe, and Carl Landry quickly assume important roles on good teams. The Bobcats themselves have had decent luck with Ryan Hollins and Jermareo Davidson; both have stuck with the team so far and will likely be on the roster again next season to be given another year to develop.

If, as expected, the Bobcats use the #9 pick to select or trade for a big man, will there be any potential backup point guards available at #38? Or will Westbrook be the pick at #9, which would seemingly necessitate going big in the second round? Foreign? Take a chance on a guy who has slipped due to health/injury concerns? Or just go for the best player available? Continue reading