Wallace Seriously Injured By Bynum, Hospitalized in L.A.


Phil Jackson draws up a play to eliminate Gerald Wallace

The Charlotte Bobcats experienced both their biggest win and their biggest loss of the season in Los Angeles last night.  While driving into the lane, Gerald Wallace extended his body and leaped toward the hoop, when he was hit with an elbow directly into his exposed ribs and upper chest.  Andrew Bynum was the culprit, and he made no effort to check on the health of Wallace after delivering the cheap shot that sent him to the floor.  Bynum may have simply made a mistake trying to foul an airborne G-Force, but a 7 footer can’t be forgiven for throwing an elbow like that.  While Bynum might be young, he’s big enough to foul like a real center or just get out of the way.

Andrew Bynum Is A Horrible Human Being

The initial word this morning is that Wallace was hospitalized after leaving the game last night.  He was helped back to the locker room by trainers and teammates, but the news about his stay at an LA hospital was not made public until this morning.  The most concerning headlines state that he may have suffered a collapsed lung due to the hit and fall he took from Bynum’s intentional foul.

The big question right now is the health of Gerald Wallace.  Secondly, can the team push on without him for a stretch?  Thirdly, will Bynum be fined or suspended for his actions?  And lastly – did Phil Jackson call for someone to knock Wallace out of the game?

Actually, it’s necessary to ask this about Phil Jackson – Zen master or Sensei?

Did Jackson order Bynum to “sweep the leg” and eliminate the Bobcat’s greatest threat last night?  With a huge 1st quarter, Gerald owned the Lakers and didn’t let up until he had to sit out the second quarter with back spasms.  Late into the third, #3 began to pick up and resume his game all over Pau Gasol.  Then, as it looked like the Cats would pull away in the fourth, the horrendous foul and injury stopped their momentum and the Lakers seemed to show no concern over the issue.

Bobcats Baseline will keep everyone posted on the news related to Gerald Wallace and status of his health over the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Lakers hit the road after sending the Bobcats best player to the hospital. . .

Phil Jackson rides by hospital