So You’re Going to Draft Harrison Barnes (and Trade for Ben Gordon?)


Baseline 2012 Draft Preview + Roster Breakdown – Part IV

Previously in our 2012 Draft Preview, we’ve examined The Sure Thing, The Potential Sensation and The Next Bynum. Let’s wrap this baby up with everyone’s favorite Brand Manager.


Believe it or not, “Harrison Bryce-Jordan Barnes” is not the name of an English poet, actor or lord but of a 6’8″, 250lb 228lb small forward prospect from North Carolina nee Indiana Iowa (thanks to @gregdinkin, I had Sean May on the brain) whose hyphenated middle name suggests he’s either the second coming of a basketball god or a dandy fop who may or may not delight in the sport’s more physical side whilst driving to the hole. What is certain about Barnes is that he is in possession of an extremely rare talent in today’s NBA: mid-range shooting par excellence.

Imagine a young Richard Hamilton were he 2-3 inches taller with nearly 40lbs more muscle. Now make him shoot the ball at an insanely high release point, rebound more aggressively and defend three different positions. Yes, gentlemen, this is precisely the sort of player the Bobcats so desperately need in order to spread the offense for drivers like Gerald Henderson or Kemba Walker to finish skrong or dish out a dime. Good day to you sir!

RESULT: Charlotte selects Harrison Barnes, SF North Carolina


Since I can’t fathom a scenario in which the team drafts Barnes at two overall, I’ll assume that the Bobcats trade back with Cleveland and acquire another pick for their troubles. With the 24th overall selection the Bobcats select combo guard Tony Wroten. At 6’6″, Wroten can eventually form with Walker and Henderson a very solid three guard rotation that can match up defensively with nearly every backcourt in the league. With the 31st overall selection, the Bobcats go big with four year senior Henry Sims – a tough, huge center to develop alongside Byron Mullens and Bismack Biyombo.

As solid a trade as it was, Tuesday evening’s exchange of Corey Maggette for Ben Gordon left the Bobcats very guard heavy. Walker, Henderson, Gordon and (in the above scenario) Wroton aren’t going anywhere so the team will either let D.J. Augustin walk or sign & trade him later in the summer. Matt Carroll and Reggie Williams are playing on expiring low-money deals and one will likely be moved or bought out. I’d bet on Williams.

RESULT: Charlotte Drafts Tony Wroten, PG/SG Washington/Henry Sims, C Georgetown; sign & trades D.J. Augustin, extends QO to D.J. White, trades Reggie Williams for “future considerations”, re-signs Derrick Brown to vet minimum.


Back in ’09 the team found their Shooting Guard, last year they drafted a potential Floor Leader and Defensive Maestro. This year they find their Sharpshooter and Third Guard.

  • PG: Walker/Wroten
  • SG: Henderson/Gordon/Carroll
  • SF: Barnes/Brown
  • PF: Thomas/White
  • C: Biyombo/Mullens/Sims/Diop

Not bad at all. Do they win 30 games? If everything goes right…doubt it, but if you combine the young talent with two more draft choices the following year and a whopping $15 million in cap space – this squad will no doubt move ever further up the Eastern Conference Playoff ladder: A place of grand exposure in which young Harrison Bryce-Jordan Barnes may pitch anything and everything he well chooses. Cheerio to you all and God bless us everyone!